Saturday, November 21, 2009

Angsta Rap

Baggott & Bode have been writing rap lyrics, rhyming things with "Old Navy" and "Ikea furniture". (You think it's easy to find a rhyme for Ikea Furniture? You try it!)

Basically, we were pretty sure we'd invented -- not Gangsta rap, that's been done. See Wikipedia. But ANGSTA RAP -- you know suburban, existential angst rap. (You can wikipedia Existential Angst, too, if you want. I think it's why babies haul off and cry for no reason except that it's really shocking sometimes to realize that, well, you exist! By the way, if you're reading this blog, you exist.)

Sorry to report, though, that we googled "Angsta Rap" and, once we'd sorted through the posts by people who'd really just misspelled "Gangsta rap," we found that people had already come up with the term Angsta Rap, which is sad and disappointing and makes us angsty -- but it won't stop us from creating our ART!

And now we're off to find a rhyme for the line "I really dig my new pet hamster" and lyrics for our new song, "Nerf Guns Can Really Sting, Yo."

Peace out!