Thursday, November 19, 2009


There is one saving grace to Thanksgiving – at one point in history, one brave soul stepped forward and changed the course of food history – that dear sweet inventor who first put marshmallows into the sweet potatoes! I worship and adore this person – her name long forgotten, lost in the sands of time. But this is a chef after my own heart! In fact, I truly believe we should shove MORE marshmallows into foods – Why not put marshmallows into borscht, which has always needed a boost? Why not spaghetti and marshmallows? Why not a add marshmallows to your most egregious vegetables – namely Brussels sprouts (no offense to the country of Brussels, but seriously if this is the best vegetable you can come up, hang your heads in shame!)

As a child, I was so enamored by the sheer culinary genius of this unsung hero of Thanksgiving that I built full-sized statue – although I didn’t really know what she looked like – I called it the Unknown Chef. Unfortunately, in a rash moment of inspiration, I decided to construct the stature out of marshmallows, and because I’d erected it in a public park – a logically place for such a monument – it melted in the rain. (but oh, the pigeons loved it! Pecked at it till it was all gone! {Proving, once again, how everyone loves marshmallows.)