Sunday, November 1, 2009

Creature Assembly -- A Do It Yourself Creature Kit

Listen, ever-brilliant kids of various types:

Here's something to do with your brains. Make a list of animals. Kangaroo, poodle, beaver, crab, parakeet ... anything at all. Let's say five.

Then list two characteristics of each one.

For kangaroo you might right: pouch, jumper.

For poodle: tail-wagger, cutely named usually (like Gigi or PiffPiff).

Then pick one trait from each and create your own creature.

You might end up with a bouncy, buck-toothed, winged creature with sharp pincers, named Pookiedoodle.

Or a hard-shelled, tail-wagging, dam-building, creature who carries her young in a pouch.

OR ... I really have NO IDEA what you might come up with because you're you and you have a brilliantly odd brain in your head.

Mix and match until you find the perfect one. Illustrate.

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From the shared brain of ...
Baggott & Bode

(The Ever Breath is coming ... Beware!)