Monday, December 28, 2009

Happy Holi -- And then the Chicken Exploded

What led to the explosion? Well, I'll start with, ahem, me. I was chilly. It's winter. So I linger by the oven. Sometimes I lean on it with my -- ahem -- backside. And this time my aforementioned backside accidentally upped the temp to 550 degrees. The cook, at this point, was taking a shower and when he smelled something burnt, he came running in from the shower in his towel and his hair all shampoo-y. "Something's BURNING!"

"What? Burnt?" I said. "Everything's fine." I was now sitting on the floor, leaning against the oven to keep my back warm. I scooted out of the way so he could check. He saw the temp, the slightly blackened chicken, got water to juice it up again.

The water hits the Pyrex dish. The Pyrex dish explodes. Glass flies through the air. We scream and dodge and duck. The oven is filled with shards -- all trinkle-trinkle sounding then it's all quiet and sizzly. The cook is panting in his towel. Me? I'm a little baffled, but still warm.

The 13 year old boy standing by says, "Asian restaurant, anyone? Fa ra ra ra ra ra ra ra ra raaaaa." (Quoting the film ... need I tell you?)

Eventually? There is a Christmas Pizza miracle.

(Little tip: Don't eat chicken with glass in it.)

Happy Holidays!