Sunday, January 24, 2010

Almost 3000 books! You kidding me?

So, Baggott & Bode traipsed on over the HOLY COMFORTER EPISCOPAL SCHOOL to talk the talk of writerly things. You know -- the wild, gusty imagination, those inky smudges on the page called words, and the importance of empathy -- trying to figure out what it's like to be someone else. Not an easy task. No, sirreeee.

BUT RIGHT SMACK IN THE MIDDLE OF OUR YAMMERING -- there was a presentation. A presentation of .... what seemed to be an ENORMOUS CHECK! You know, the ones that take two people to hold up and are usually only given out on GAME SHOWS? Well, it was one of THOSE.

But instead of money ... it was something better. (Better than money, you're asking. Yes... To my mind much more valuable than money.) It was a check that tallied up all the books that these students had donated to two other schools (Title I schools) in town.


Is that the craziest thing you ever did hear? Well, we grabbed that check and started running ... but then it was explained that we could not bring it to the bank and expect the bank teller to hand over books. No.

But in the name of Kids in Need - Books in Deed ( the books found their way to new homes -- the hands of other readers ... What better home is there for a book than a reader's hands?