Friday, January 29, 2010

Pineview and Griffin -- (Secret genius labs!)

Okay, so, yesterday Baggott & Bode did not just wear pajamas and bunny slippers all the live long day. No. As part of LITERACY WEEK, we got ourselves dressed and hauled ourselves over to Griffin Middle and then Pineview Elementary to talk about VERY SERIOUS MATTERS ... like collecting odd things, cheese-doodle-encrusted remote controls, gum that looks like Elvis Presley, observing things closely, giant peaches, being jabber-mouths, words words words ...

And here's the thing. These kids were brilliant. I mean smart as smart can be. One asked us what the first novel was -- the first ever! And this is the kind of thing we try to answer in those stuffy graduate courses we teach -- while trying not to be dusty windbags (like YOU KNOW WHO). WHAT A SMART QUESTION! And another asked if our writing was mainly "narrative or expository." Are you kidding me? What kinds of genius food are they feeding these kids? Another kid asked us which we prefer -- narrative or expository.

In other words, we can say no more about the subject. Obviously, there are two secret genius labs being run down here in FLA. Genius labs, I tell you!

Expository versus narrative. Pick one subject and write it both ways. What happens? Only time will tell...